Success isn’t what I thought it was


I have always believed that success is determined by what job title you have , how much money you earn and how much you are achieving.

Over the last year I have been working hard on understanding myself and really truly being happy with who I am. It has taken me 27 years to fully understand what success is.

Success to me is understanding and knowing yourself so well that you know exactly who you are and you are powerful enough to make choices in your life to make sure that you stay true to yourself and your values.

Success is caring about yourself , caring about yourself enough to make sure you are looking after your body , mind and soul. Whether that be through exercise , eating well or simply knowing when to take time out.

Success is having a loving and trusting relationship not only romantically but also with friends and family .

Success is being strong enough to be able to stick up for yourself and being able to walk away from anything that does not cause you happiness.

Success is being at peace with the fact that you aren’t perfect and accepting every flaw you have.

Success is understanding that you will go through some tough shitty times in your life but those times shape you and make you who you are. You need to go through those experiences to keep bettering yourself.

Success is being able to understand others , and resonate with why they are the way they are.

Success is remaining humble and appreciating everything you have.

I feel the most content I have ever felt , I feel alive and free and I feel so grateful for everything that I have.

Life is damn good.


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  1. Love this babe đź’–

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