The top 5 things I wish I had known earlier

I am not one to look back on the past wishing I had done something differently , and I don’t regret anything , however I guess hopefully the below 5 things may help open someone else’s eyes who hasn’t already lived through these :

1.Exercise is a natural healer

This is a big one , I really do wish that I had truly realised that one of the best things you can do for your body is exercise , it doesn’t have to be high intensity ( even though I love it) , even just going for walk after work helps to clear your mind and get some fresh air into your  lungs .

I started viewing exercise as a privilege and not a chore , some people physically can’t exercise yet here I was with a body that could and I was letting it waste away… get out there and move , make it a priority not an option.

2. We only have one body 

The moment you start thinking of you body as the only body you will ever have you will star viewing it differently… you will either do everything in your will power to look after it and take care of it or you won’t care and keep hurting it until it is too late.

You see , so many of us don’t look after our body until something happens to our health…when something happens to scare us into looking after it… how stupid is that? this is what happened to me…I think we are all guilty of it. We go ahead living life ,with the “it would never happen to me” mentality , and that is so damn not true…we need to realise we aren’t invincible and that life could change in literally a second.

3.You do not have to “like” and be friends with everyone 

Oh how I wish I had realised this earlier instead of trying to please everyone even when I didn’t like them. Not liking someone doesn’t make you a bad person , thats why we all have such unique personalities , you don’t have to feel like you have to like and be friends with everyone.

It is interesting the moment you say you don’t like someone all of a sudden you are a terrible person , why? why do we feel the need for everyone to like each other? it doesn’t mean that you “hate” the person , it just means that their personality isn’t a fit with yours, it is called becoming in tune with who you are and who you would like to associate with , nothing personal.

4.Stop caring about what others are doing 

Friends will have children before you , friends will own houses before you , friends will get married before you. Stop caring about where other people are at in their life , just because you feel “behind” does not mean you are , it just means you have a different timeline to other people.

I invested so much energy into feeling like we were getting behind our friends as we don’t have children that I needed to wakeup and remember this… We are all on our own timelines and no one else’s , how we plan that timeline out is up to us even though you can never fully plan it out , things happen and thats just life.

Live YOUR life.Focus on YOUR timeline.YOU decide when you would like to do things.

The only person in charge of your life is you.

5.You will need to hit rock bottom to start swimming up again 

When you are literally sitting huddled in a ball thinking “life really can’t get any worse” it  will…because that is just how it seems to go sometimes…its almost as though when you are at that rock bottom someone decides to test you even further to see how much pressure you can take and learn to handle. In life you will hit rock bottom a number of times and if you don’t then are you challenging yourself enough?

It is ok to feel like you have hit rock bottom , it is ok to feel overwhelmed , it is ok to yell and let it all out , but learn to pick and build yourself back up again. Giving up is never an option…it really isn’t…even when you “fail” at something it doesn’t mean you need to give up…just try a different approach and learn from it.

Remind yourself , this is happening to teach me something and I will take something away from this shit situation that will help me in the future.


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