What does 3 months of Crossfit do to you?

Snooze button….snooze button again….and again…until you are jumping out of bed and rushing around to leave home on time…this was my life.

Standing in my wardrobe , looking at what pants I could wear for the day.. the reality was I knew there were only 2 that fit me ok , and the others may possibly restrict my breathing a bit too much.

Jeggings were my best friend….they were the only things that I could fit comfortably , jeans were a huge no go , they wouldn’t even make it up past my knees.

You should love yourself the way you are…but what if the way you are is incredibly unhealthy? I am all for self love , but having changed one crucial thing in my life in the last 3 months I can tell you that I am on top of the world now , not only physically but mentally as well.  Love yourself enough to change your habits.

It all started in March , when I had enough of feeling like crap and feeling so damn sorry for myself. I had watched a few Crossfit documentaries over the years and I always thought to myself ” man I wish I could be as fit as them” , never in a million years did I think I would one day be attending a Crossfit box! When you watch the Crossfit games etc it is intimidating and it makes you feel as though you could never ever walk into a place full of those people. Yet on the 19th of March I did just that.

6am start…be there 10 minutes early…I remember sitting outside the Crossfit box in my car, listening to the crashing of weights and thinking to myself ” should I really be doing this?” …. it took me 10 minutes to just go in and give it a go. I thought the warm up was the actual workout , and little did I know that was only the start. I remember picking up the 15kg womens barbell thinking “holy sh*t this is heavy” while looking around and watching in awe as the men and women around me were lifting barbells with weights piled on them…I felt so unfit but I kept reminding myself that everyone starts somewhere , and that I needed to just focus on myself.

3 months later , I am now attending the 5am sessions on most days…which means a 3:50am wake up…Crazy right? how on earth did I go from struggling to get out of bed and waking up in the mornings to waking up at 3:50am and doing one of the hardest forms of exercise you could do…it is all about mindset.

You see , if you aren’t ready to make a change , you won’t. It is as simple as that. You need to change your mindset to wanting to change and wanting to look after yourself.  You need to become absolutely sick of being sick , of feeling tired , of feeling like you are wasting away , and you need to want to make a change as bad as you want to breath.

3 months later I feel fit , I feel strong , I feel alive. I don’t sleep in as late on the weekends now and the brochure boxes I carry at work don’t feel heavy anymore. The workouts don’t get easier , but you do start understanding what the exercises are and you start noticing improvements in your performance every week…I find that now my recovery time is a lot faster and I am starting to push myself more every week…pushing yourself to the limit mentally and physically is incredibly rewarding , its strange how you can feel so much more confident in your daily life by working out.

I have lost about 3kg under 3 months…that doesn’t sound like much right? but take a look at the below photo…. there is 3kg difference between the photos…I have lost over 16cm in measurements and I have gone down to a size 14 where as before I was a size 16+ ….you know what else? I FIT JEANS!! size 14 jeans to be exact , and that feels so damn good… it also feels good not puffing walking up flights of stairs , it feels good knowing that I can pick up heavy things which previously wouldn’t have been able to… when they say Crossfit if Functional fitness it really is!

Photo 18-06-18, 9 06 31 PM (1)

You need to be ready to work your arse off…you need to be ready to sweat a lot…you need to be ready to make a change… but I promise , don’t give up and you will feel the healthiest and fittest you have ever been!

Oh and throw out your scales! I have learnt they don’t mean anything.




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