Your first day of Crossfit will be sh*t scary

The first time you ever step into a Crossfit box ( they are called boxes instead of Gyms) it will be sh*t scary…especially if you are like me , unfit ,  more fat jiggly bits then muscle and completely outside of your comfort zone. There will be incredibly strong people around you , climbing ropes , lifting heavy weights and talking a language which you will have no clue what it means….or translates to… WOD’s , Power cleans , Snatches , wall climb ( I mean how do you even climb a bloody wall?!) .

I remember standing there…looking around…almost feeling threatened…but at the same time I felt inspired and intrigued as to how on earth people could be so fit and strong…and then the “wishing” thoughts started coming , ” oh I wish I could do that” , ” Oh I wish I looked like that”…. as the 6am session people arrived in they all walked up to me , gave me a crossfitty handshake/high five thing ( this has been one of the hardest things to learn may I add haha) and they introduced themselves….all of a sudden these “beasts” became human… and our session begun.

My first session is a bit of blur as to the workouts we did… but I did think that the warmup was the actual session ( easy mistake to make haha) …. I do remember we did dead lifts , I had never done a proper deadlift and I was so nervous….but luckily the trainer was so helpful and friendly and he made me feel like  I was going to be ok. I remember picking up the 15kg womens barbell and thinking…geeze this is damn heavy…and here are these cross fitters around me lifting heavy weights and I am thinking about how heavy the bar only is!

At the end of the session everyone came up to me as I was sitting on the floor trying to recover and they all gave me the crossfitty high five thing , and in that moment I felt proud…I never thought I would ever be able to do Crossfit…yet here I was…covered in sweat….and I had survived…and here are these people giving me high fives and telling me I did well…suddenly that little motivation light stopped flickering and instead switched into the on position.

Remember….everyone starts somewhere.

The day after you will feel it a little bit but its the 2nd day after that the muscle soreness kicks in , so be prepared for that , but let me tell you that it will be worth it!

So put your big girl panties or big boy boxers on and go give it a go….there will be people who tell you Crossfit people aren’t friendly , Crossfit people are crazy ( maybe this part is correct a little bit…but a good crazy) , that you will injure yourself , that Crossfit isn’t good for you.  Walk in there with an open mind , and make up your own mind about it.

Also….DON’T GIVE UP! That is the most important part , you will start noticing improvements if you are consistent I promise!

Read my 3 month update in my next blog and that may help you make your decision to give Crossfit a go 😉

Livi xx

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